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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summers Eve - Help Cheating Women on Mothers Day

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It’s a great feeling, being a mother. You can look down at your children and know that you have no need to drown them all in a bathtub. You can see the little ones and think to yourself “I could have easily backed my minivan into the lake with them all inside and ended the pain but instead I raised them up to be the wonderful things they are today.” Yes, being a mother is something only us women can fully understand. Instead of getting your baby duct taped and shaken until it’s brain bleeds you nourished and cared for your child until it was fully grown.

Well, it’s that caring and nourishment that you now deserve for yourself. It’s your day today and you get to spend the day caring for yourself for once.

Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Cloths.

That’s right, it’s time to cleanse away your dirty sins you create when you are alone in the bathroom. Are you defiling the toilet with solid movements? These cloths can clean you right up. Are you bleeding and have some left over on your skin? Well, instead of letting God find out about that you can use one of these soft wipes and wash yourself right up, no one has to know. Perhaps even you just had a moment with a man and on you sits his sinful seed. Instead of weeping that you have gone against the church and almost condemned yourself to an eternity in hell (because we all know it wasn’t your husband doing the deed) you can use a flushable cloth and send the evil right down the drain.

For testing purposes we tried these out during a ultra heavy bowl movement session. In case anyone has not yet moved on from toilet paper these types of wipes are the new hotness. Once only branded for babies the marketing department of just about every baby wipe and toilet paper company has discovered that adults want to have something soft wiping up their backsides instead of dry abrasive toilet paper. Once people had a taste of how good a rear end can feel with a moist wipe they are hooked and there is now a flood of products on the market trying to grab at this growing market. These Summer’s Eve wipes are no different. They are marked at an adult group, this time women. You can buy them and not have people wonder why you are buying baby wipes. They come in a nice convenient package you can throw right in your purse and you can feel fresh no matter where you go.

Using them felt quite nice. The area cleaned and was left feeling fresh. One thing I noticed was that these cloths were thinner than a lot of others I have used and I doubt could stand up to a huge load. They were also a bit less wide than many, but that is most likely due to the packaging, allowing them to be carried easily. They have a nice sent on them as well, they’ll leave you with a clean sent in case anyone has a need to go down there.

These are a nice thing to have handy when out and about. They’ll let you wipe up anywhere and for any reason. The only thing I find wrong is they aren’t thick enough to take care of really big messes and are not wide enough, but I doubt that will give people much problem.

Ladies toss them in your purse and know that no matter what you do when your out on the town you’ll be about to clean it right up.

Rated 3 thumbs up. Use with caution, not available in all areas, banned where prohibited by law, some terms & conditions apply, not available in GA, TN or Texas. May be habit forming. Not supported by the Honey Dippers of America. Not tested for use in public toliets on America's InterState highways.