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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vanilla Tylenol PM or Crack in a Bottle?

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This review is a dire warning, a plea to stay away from the product in question. You don’t want to get near it, you don’t want to try it, you want to keep your distance in fear of addiction or overdose. You don’t want to buy it because then you’ll try it and think to yourself “Hey, this is really good, why not?”. You’ll enjoy the feeling. You’ll enjoy the high. You’ll replace other products in your medicine cabinet with it.

Vanilla Tylenol PM Liquid, or is it Liquid Vanilla Tylenol PM, or maybe Tylenol PM Vanilla Liquid? It’s one of them and by me doing that I will be sure to get more results from Google when people search for Tylenol PM Vanilla Liquid review. It’s all about the hits.

So, this product, it’s aimed as a Nyquil competitor. Will they be able to beat out the big Q? Will people jump ship from the old standard of green or red liquid over the counter sleep drug? I sure hope so because this stuff is amazing.

For a moment lets talk about Nyquil. We all secretly love it, admit it. Everyone loves the way it knocks you out, everyone loves the way it gives you a good night sleep, and for some of us out there, everyone loves the way it blows your mind and takes you to a happy place. Try it some time, just take a shot or two and don’t let yourself fall asleep right away. What fun.

But the problem with Nyquil is that flavor. When you take it you know you are taking a drug. It’s not a very good experience. Both flavors, red and green, are the same. They both give you that scrunched up face, they both leave that thick coating down to your stomach, and they both leave that horrible aftertaste in your mouth. If you wanted the joy Nyquil was going to give you then you had to earn it.

But that was the old days. Now it’s 2006. It’s a whole new game now.

I went out to the store and picked myself up a bottle of this stuff as soon as I heard about it (plus a few days due to me not wanting to be knocked out when I had other things to do). There it was in my local Target, almost sold out. I snatched up a bottle, gave the cashier my coupon, and headed home to my to try it out.

I was nervous at first to take a shot. It smelled wonderful, like sweet vanilla, but that can be deceiving. Taste is the true test. Would it taste as good as the smell or would it be a horrible medicine like Nyquil? Well, I took the shot… and it was amazing. No medicine taste, no aftertaste, no thick coating. It was a pleasant experience of a very nice vanilla syrup flavor. Tylenol PM Vanilla Liquid has set a new bar for medicine taste. I couldn’t resist, so I took another. After about a half hour of sitting at my computer thinking about the experience I went back and took another half shot.

I knew things were getting bad.

It was so good I kept wanting more. My choices were either totally overdose and end up in not too good of a condition, or dump this liquid crack out and save myself. Sadly, I chose second option. I dumped out almost the entire bottle down the drain and threw the empty bottle in the trash. It’s not safe to have around. Having something this good around the condo would sure to be tempting. I can just imagine myself coming home from work tired, knowing I want a good night’s sleep and just taking a shot as a night cap, night after night after night.

Well the bottle was in the garbage and I settled myself to watch some anime. It was wonderful. A few hours later I was in that familiar Nyquil high/almost falling asleep phase of life. A little while later I was out and speeding towards the next morning.

I will never want to take Nyquil again. This stuff is amazing and should replace Nyquil in everyone’s medicine cabinet. Tylenol PM Vanilla Liquid is the new standard in knock yourself out with over the counter goodness.

I award the makers a 9 thumbs. Go try it. You won’t regret it, unless you overdose and kill yourself, but then with that you’ll be dead and wont really be able to regret it much. Tylenol PM Vanilla Liquid. Learn it. Love it. Live it.

Sat Night Live said it: Drugs Are U.S.

Good Night & Good Luck.