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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bird Flue - More Do-do a Storm in an Egg Cup Folks

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A new form of influenza affecting birds, originating in Hong Kong and caused by a new variant of the H5N1 group of influenza viruses, has been spreading slowly westward across Asia, so far reaching the Balkans. Around 120 human cases have occurred since 1997, including 67 deaths, all in China and all associated with poultry farming.

In October 2005, a parrot died in quarantine in England, infected with the H5N1 virus, and other birds in the facility have since been found to have the infection. None of this adds up to a human epidemic, either this year or ever. The longer the infection takes to cross the world, and the more species it infects, the more diverse it will become and the more chance we have to acquire perfectly natural immunity to it.

Antiviral drugs and vaccines are useless before the virus mutates to affect humans, and once an outbreak has occurred, it may become dangerous to attend vaccination centres for fear of infection there. Ignore CNN, BBC & really ignore CBC. Your best approach is to prepare now by fortifying your general immunity:

Eat fresh, live, colourful food every day. Keep rich meaty meals to a minority;
Cook eggs and poultry well, but don’t be afraid of eating them. It may help to immunise you naturally;Take regular exercise in the fresh air. Walking is fine; Ventilate your home well at every opportunity; Avoid smoke & fumes, and crowded places on foggy days; cover your face when coughing or sneezing; bag and bin dirty tissues.

If ‘flu breaks out
avoid non-essential travel;
maintain good basic hygiene, hand washing; consider wearing a paper face-mask in crowded public places; clean kitchen worktops, door handles frequently; making sure, your children do too.

If you do catch flu (of any kind):
stay at home and rest;
take medicines such as Infludo (Weleda), aspirin or ibuprofen – paracetamol is more risky; drink plenty of fluids.

One or two natural immune-enhancing substances such as propolis and betaglycans may be helpful, but do not rely on any medicine – rely on your natural vigour, and common-sense avoidance. The news media sells, yes sells advertising time. Bird Flu is now the flavor of the day.

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