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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Air Canada Blame Game - Company Shits 103 Million in New Losses. Issues 54.8 Million in Bonus Checks.

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From this Really Takes Balls Department. Not only does the company lose 103 million bucks now they are going to TERMINATE 600 people. Good? Bad? Hey these guys always have a plan. Head High Paid Dipstick CEO Bobby Milton is also going to make certain that 54.8 million in profit sharing and incentive payments go out in the mail to key employees as "Bonus on Current Compensation." This company announces a loss of 103 million, decides to FIRE 600 people and then REWARDS key people with millions of dollars in bonus money for doing a good job. Damn. I mean Damn what a company!

Hey folks what part of this news does not work for you? Bobby Milton CEO has never missed a pay check. He took the company into CCAA (equal to Chap 11) where suppliers were never paid and many went out of business. Milton runs Air Canada and ruins lives without an ounce of common sense or human compassion. The man NEVER takes responsibility for anything. Milton blames everyone and everything but himself for the continued financial troubles of Air Canada. Time for Air Canada to leave the building. This company is managed by a group of greedy self serving people who could care less about anyone but themselves. If you own stock now is the time to sell. A bonus of any type is beyond common sense, good business and stinks to high heaven. Do not be surprised because this has been going on for years. Losses are no big deal. Air Canada can always file in Bankruptcy court ( Judge Farley is always Happy to see them, again.

What a group. What a show. What a Company. What Bullshit.

Oh well that's Canada.