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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tired of School ? No Future? Join the Army

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While addressing a group of college students at a campaign rally in Pasadena, CA., the Democrat told students to study hard because those without an education "get stuck in Iraq."

I guess the National Commander of the American Legion did not like that remark - it looks like Tony Snow and Fox News are all over the Kerry comment as well. So was it a dumb remark? Probably in this day @ this time but was the Kerry remark true? Yes.

Ok, Tony Snow - The American Legion and all the rest of you who have served in the military. Riddle me this guys. Has the U.S. ever given criminals a choice of serving in the military or going to jail for a long time? Duh. Can we say Hello 1968! You bet this happened. Did the people who were smart with money go to College in order to stay away from the war in SE Asia. Duh. Yes. Was there ever a time when un-employment among blacks was so high that going in the military was the $-option? Duh. Yes. And during the civil war did some Northern states allow people with money to buy their way out of going to fight the South? Duh. Yes. It cost a farmer or businessman about $100 to pay someone to go in the Union Army in their place.

Tell me Tony Snow & the Fox News Crew have you seen any of the Bush girls down at the local Army Recruiters office? Sure. Right. Thought not.

Its simple to claim you feel peoples pain as long as you are the one who does not have to endure it. The remarks made by Senator Kerry will give Fox a good 12 hour story but, that is all it is, a story.

Do bad in school and you damn sure could end up in Iraq. The military needs people. People are smarter now, more informed than 30+ years ago. News travels at the speed of light. The last thing most people want is a free trip to Iraq. Just ask anyone who wanted to go home only to have their tour of duty extended. These people are not happy, they are mad as hell.

The Fox News Network and Rep. Party could turn poop into pie. @ the end of the Day its still poop!